Together with the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (Empa), we have developed the CareTec® Pro glass finishing solution for you. It's already integrated into the glass during the production process. CareTec® Pro provides our shower enclosures with even greater protection against the build-up of limescale and has an antibacterial effect. The lotus effect makes cleaning and care significantly easier.

We provide you with a guarantee of ten years for protection against glass corrosion and five years for ease of cleaning. And the best thing is, you don’t need to wash the glass down with a glass wiper after showering or use any cleaning agents – regular wiping with a microfibre towel does the job. This saves time and protects the environment.
Cleaning products

DuschoClean Cristal
Kit DuschoClean Cristal

Kit DuschoRein

Wiper blade Haragán
Kit Antical FeelNet 3D

Maintenance and Cleaning
To enjoy many years of your Duscholux products, as a general rule, clean them with PH neutral products and rinse with water.

To improve the maintenance of your shower enclosures, Duscholux provides exclusive cleaning products as Duscho-Clean® Glass or KIT for glass screen maintenance. To facilitate the cleaning of lime stains, Duscholux has launched Duscho-Rein®, a powerful lime remover.

Duscholux recommends you to follow these tips, to protect and extend the life of your products:

  • Never use abrasive applications such as mops, rags and sponges, or cleaning products that are not PH neutral.

  • Do not use cleaning products which included in its composition solvents or descaling elements, any kind of acid, ammonia, bleach or any chemically corrosive products. These products damaged the profiles, plates, pieces, acrylic surfaces and plastic seals.

  • Our shower enclosures with acrylic plates should not be dry cleaned, because it can cause scratches and damages on the surface.

If these recommendations are not followed, the Duscholux warrantee can be invalidated.